PCB Education – Have you checked out PCB Coffee Talk???

Printed Circuit Board Training– Have you checked out PCB Coffee Talk yet??

There is a lot to learn about PCB’s.  Designers have to keep up on new materials, surface finishes, and manufacturability guidelines to ensure the end product can be manufactured AND performs as expected.  Fabricators have to build to the PCB to customers’ specifications with good quality and on-time delivery.  Procurement needs to make sure the selected suppliers not only have the capability to manufacture the circuit board, but that they are selecting suppliers that provide the best overall value.

While each group has their own area of expertise, they are not mutually exclusive.   A new industry forum, PCB Coffee Talk provides a monthly webinar chat format addressing topics that fall into the over-lapping area of each specialty.



Each month, they sit down with an industry expert.  Topics to-date include surface finishes, micro via design, materials and PCB reliability.  The format is interactive and the attendees are encouraged to ask questions either during registration or during the webinar itself. 

If you are looking for a fun, interesting way to learn more about PCB’s and would like to have your questions answered by industry experts take 20 minutes and join the next session on March 28th

The more people interacting during the webinar, the more entertaining and educational the sessions are!   Click HERE to register for the session on common fab notes and putting together the best quote package, or visit www.omnipcb.com to register or view past webinars.

Suggestions for future topics are always welcome!

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