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Zeta Materials

Zeta Materials ~ This changes everything!

Following is a brief overview of  Zeta materials.   If you have a need for a thin, fine line application or are looking for a solution to a pad cratering problem, contact us to learn more!

 First Imagine:  8 layers of Zeta Lam in a 10 layer PCB ~ Total thickness – 16 mils. 

Enabling next generation HDI.

The power of 50 microns at only 12 microns – harness the power of thicker boards in ultra-thin boards that are only 25% as thick.

Zeta glass free films provide less than 25 micron dielectric in a multilayer HDI package.
  •  Dk – Cap – 2.97 @ 10 GHz     Lam – 3.15 @ 10 GHz
  •  Df –  Cap – .006 @ 10GHz      Lam – .010 @ 10 GHz
  • Decomposition Temp – Cap > 500 C      Lam – 400 C
  • Glass Transition Temp –  180 C
  • Thermal Conductivity – Cap – .043 W/mK     Lam – .51 W/Mk
  • Low Z-Axis CTE
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Dimensionally Stable

Eliminates Pad Cratering

Pad cratering is a mechanically induced fracture in the resin between copper foil and the outermost layer of fiberglass of a PCB.  The pad remains connected to the component leaving a “crater” on the surface of the PCB.

Zeta Cap virtually eliminates pad cratering.  Once laminated to the surface as a cap, the resilient layer acts as a shock absorber to prevent fracture formation.   This material is more flexible than rigid, but 3 times stronger than flex.   Contact us for more detailed information!


Zeta Cap:  Next generation C-stage dielectric film designed to interface between the copper pad and the rest of the PCB.  It’s unique liquid-cast polyimide film is bonded to copper foil.  The ultra-thin film lays-up like a copper foil on prepreg in a conventional PCB manufacturing process.

Zeta Lam: Next generation dielectric film that facilities HDI build structures and minimizes the risk of pad cratering.  LAM is formed by laminating Zeta CAP to Zeta BOND, a proprietary B stage bonding film.  It acts like a glass dielectric in a conventional prepreg but is ultra-thin with guaranteed copper-to-copper Z axis standoff as thin as 12 micons.  It’s low CTE, High Tg and high Td make it suitable for sequential lamination cycles and higher-layer HDI structures.

Zeta Bond:  B-stage bonding film capable of filling circuits and vias.

If you are facing challenges with your new generation HDI designs or have pad cratering issues, please contact us for more information!

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