Acceptance Criteria for Cap Plating of Filled Vias

We are periodically asked about the acceptance criteria for cap plating of filled holes.

Today’s engineering tip gives the acceptance criteria per IPC A-600.

Target condition:  Copper surface is planar with no protrusion (bump) and/or depression (dimple)

Acceptable condition – Class 1,2, and 3:
• Separation of copper cap to fill material
• No separation of the cap plating to underlying plating
• Cap protrusion (bump) and/or depression (dimple) meets the dimensional requirements in IPC 6012
• Fill material within the blind via shall be planar with the surface within +/- .076 mm (.003”) unless otherwise specified
• When cap plating is specified, fill material within the blind via shall meet the dimple/bump requirements of IPC 6012
• No voids in the cap plating over the resin fill

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Remember, designing and purchasing printed circuit boards should not be difficult!

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