The Battelle NeuroLife Project

A couple of weeks ago, at the IPC Flexible Circuit – HDI Forum, we had the opportunity to listen to a riveting presentation from Battelle that we felt compelled to share.
The presentation began with the video of a Tedx Talk of Chad Bouton presenting research and the subsequent success of a project designed to reconnect a paralyzed man’s brain to his body through advanced technology.

The presentation concluded with the introduction of, and words from, Ian, a paralyzed man instrumental in both the research and medical trials.

The video is just over 15 minutes long and you could have heard a pin drop.  Not even a piece of paper was shuffled,  truly amazing, when you picture a room of nearly 100 people and the distractions that we all have with our phones and email when we are out of the office.
We encourage you to watch: NeuroLife Project    
It is well worth the time!
This technology shown in this video was enabled by the use of flexible circuits. In fact, by the use of flexible circuits that pushed the limits of most standard capabilities.

Flex was chosen for several reasons: ease of manipulation on a patient, repeatable applications (stable dimensions, silkscreen marked for location identification/mapping), durability of materials, high dielectric strength, and reliable system functionality.

Not only were we fascinated by the development of this technology, we are excited to be part of an industry that pushes established boundaries of manufacturability to create products that enable these type of life changing developments.
I hope you enjoy the video as much as we did!


Click here to watch the video

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