As a technical manufacturers’ rep organization specializing exclusively in the printed circuit board industry, we represent suppliers, all leaders in their market niche with complimentary capabilities, that together allow us to provide a solution to any PCB challenge.

Certain projects require extremely cost sensitive standard technology and need a reliable supplier. WE HAVE A SOLUTION.

Certain projects push the limits of technology and need a supplier that can keep pace and assist with DFM review and development. WE HAVE A SOLUTION.

Certain projects mandate high reliability and need a PCB supplier experienced in high reliability performance with full military certs. WE HAVE A SOLUTION.

Certain projects, time to market is most critical and a supplier is needed that can turn any technology requirement quickly and reliably. WE HAVE A SOLUTION.

Flex, Rigid Flex, Rigid PCB’s and Micro Electronics www.omnipcb.com

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  1. One of the best PCB sourcing sites I have ever seen. Derk Wissink

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